The first few years were trying times for the family as is with any new business. Mrs. Greene, an elementary school teacher, helped keep their dreams alive. Mr. Greene Sr, a former U.S. Army Major and veteran of World II and Korea, supplemented the business income by substitute teaching at Parker-Gray High School and refereeing sports such as basketball and football games in the Northern Virginia Area.

In 1960, the firm made the first addition to the physical plant. The wood framed house was bricked over and new appearance was created. In addition, the remodeling created a new embalming room with all the modern plumbing and fixtures to serve our clients. A three car garage to house the newly acquired hearse was a part of this addition.  Another addition was done in 1976. A new chapel seating 200 people was added and the embalming room was enlarged to accommodate the clients. As a result of this work, the funeral home now had space for two visitation rooms and the chapel. In 1968, the older son Nelson Jr joined the firm after serving as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army for three years. Terry the younger son, had been a stalwart worker, taking on many responsibilities as his age would allow. The rolling stock was always clean and shiny all due to his endless hours of work in the funeral home. Terry went on to Morgan State University and upon graduation entered the U. S. Army as his father and brother had done.  He is still active in the U. S. Army Reserve holding the Rank of Full Colonel.

In 1982, Nelson E. Greene Jr was made the Manager of the funeral home and Nelson Sr, reduced his work load to enjoy some of his hard earned rewards.  In 2000, an adjacent building was purchased which now houses the offices for the funeral home. The firm has continued to grow in statue and service to the community. Members of the Greene family are active in the community and in their church, Meade Memorial Episcopal Church. Nelson E. Greene Sr is a former City Councilman of the City of Alexandria, VA. Nelson Jr. is a former three term member of the Alexandria City Public Schools Board. The firm is a Life Member of the NAACP, member of the Chamber of Commerce, The American Legion, and several fraternal organizations.

Our desire to provide quality service at a fair price continues to be our byword.